Welcome to the track2rss Project

This project seeks to provide a set of scripts for converting tracking information for packages from various carriers to the RSS format. It was inspired by a similar project written by Jason Young. Currently support is provided for UPS, Fedex Air and Ground, and the US Postal Service (USPS) via a set of XSLT templates and a Perl wrapper. Future plans are to extend support to more carriers such as DHL, etc.; possibly other formats such as Atom, and other languages like PHP, Java, etc. For more information about this project or to download it please visit our SourceForge Project page.

March 16, 2005 - XML.com published an article describing this project (with screenshots!)

For a demo, use the following:

Fedex Air :

Fedex Ground :



For a demo of OpenSearch functionality, use the following two descriptors:

Fedex Air, UPS and USPS:

Fedex Ground ONLY :

You can also use this handy form (it uses another one of projects called SingleSub):
Tracking Number: Package Type:

This project was written by Yakov Shafranovich (original blog post here).

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